Building Virtual Worlds

During the first semester at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center there is a course called Building Virtual Worlds, or BVW, where students  develop 5 projects, each done in approximately 2 weeks, with a new professor-assigned team every time. The course culminates in BVW show where the best projects are shown to a crowd of over 500 spectators in a public forum.

Ghost Story


Platform: Kinect

Roles: Co-Producer/Game Design/Sound Design

Team: Christian Bruggeman, Hain Lee, Tianyi Li

Project length: 2 weeks

Awards/Publicity: DATA Awards Finalist; presented on BVW Show

About the project:

This is a game for a naive guest where he/she is playing as a ghost in a haunted house. A guest has to make a moral choice – whether to be a good ghost or an evil one.


Bump Bomb

Bump BombBumpBomb

Platform: Jam-O-Drum

Roles: Producer/Game Design/Sound Design

Team: Leisen Huang, Yang Shi, Xiaoyi Zhang

Project length: 1 week

Publicity: presented on BVW Aftershow

About the project:

Pandas, who wear rockets on their backs, try to light up each other’s fuses. Pandas, whose rockets were lit up for too long, fly away and lose the round. To put the fire on the fuse down, panda has to go to the pool, but other pandas may try to stop her by bumping into her.


Steal This Game


Platform: PS Move

Roles: Producer/Game Design/Sound Design

Team: Evan Li, Victor Qin, Allison Sommers

Project length: 2 weeks

About the project:

2-player game about a kleptomaniac old lady stealing in the Department Store and the guard trying to catch her.


M.A.D. Scientist

Platform: PS Move

Roles: Game Design/Sound Design/Music Producer/Live Musician

Team: Mayank Grover, Ruokan He, Alex Loughran

Project length: 3 weeks

Publicity: presented on BVW Show

About the project:

An experimental game/theatrical perfomance with audience interaction about the intern who got into the maze of the mad scientist


Movie trailer: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Movie: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Roles: Sound Design

Project length: 1 week

My first assignment in BVW class in ETC, Carnegie Mellon University, was to design the sound for this trailer. Get ready for the Darkness.
Silent Hill OST is used in this video, for educational purposes only.

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