Project “Prisoner’s Cinema”

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Pittsburgh, PA – Spring, 2014

My Roles: Producer, Co-Designer, Sound Designer


  • Co-designing the concept and experience
  • Managing a team of 4 people
  • Devising the schedule
  • Conducting Scrum meetings
  • Settling tasks for sprints
  • Setting priorities
  • Overviewing project scope
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Promoting the game
  • Making trailers
  • Sound design of the project
  • Recording voice-overs with actors

Project length: 1 semester (15 weeks)

screenshoti2 screenshoti3

Prisoner’s Cinema is a narrative-driven, expressive game being developed by a student team at Carnegie Mellon University. It conveys to players the subjective sensation of living a life subdued by insomnia, and that evokes from players an empathetic response. Regarding empathy, we want players unfamiliar with feelings of alienation to gain an understanding of how an affliction like insomnia can impact the sufferer physically, mentally, and emotionally, and we want players who have experienced or are experiencing the existential, societal ramifications of sickness to understand that they are not alone.

Screenshot7 screenshot6

Our project is influenced by modern, socially conscious games like Gone Home, Papers, Please, and That Dragon, Cancer, and other surreal and iconoclastic media sources, such as the films of David Lynch and the writings of Jean-Paul Sartre.

Must videogames be predicated singularly by overt notions of “fun”? Prisoner’s Cinema intends to challenge this conceit, and to expand the range of videogames as a medium, if even incrementally.

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Additional Hardware: Oculus Rift

Team: Nathan Baran, Alex Moser, Casey Ging

Advisors:  David Culyba, Shane Liesegang

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