Project “Helios”

Playable Demo:
Pittsburgh, PA – Spring 2013


Clients: DARPA-logo Sesameworkshop2008

My roles: Producer, Co-Writer, Sound Designer


  • Managed a team of 8 people while working on 2 games simultaneously
  • Devised the schedule
  • Conducted Scrum meetings
  • Settled tasks for sprints
  • Set priorities
  • Overviewed project scope
  • Co-wrote the script for “Helios” game
  • Prepared project presentation
  • Participated in playtests with children  from 4 to 10
  • Sound design of the project
  • Recorded voice-overs with actors

Project length: 1 semester (15 weeks)

Impact! is a project sponsored by Darpa, and done in collaboration with Sesame Workshop and HCII. The goal of our client is to encourage the interest in engineering among young children.

Our main focus for this project is an HTML5 game “Helios” for children of age group from 6 to 8 that teaches them balancing principles. Team Impact spent the semester making sure the game stays fun, while also educational.

Helios project was presented at the IEEE CGames conference in  Louisville, Kentucky:, and a paper on it was published in Proc. 2013 18th International Conference on Computer Games (CGAMES) (Louisville, KY, July-Aug. 2013).

Paper Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/CGames.2013.6632614

Platform: HTML5

Team: Yilin Fan, Mu Ni, Sakar Khattar, Neerav Mehta, Sean Brice, Matt Champer, Sam Collier

Advisors: Michael Christel, Scott Stevens

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