In Summer, 2013 I had an honor to work at Sifteo as a Production & QA Intern.

My responsibilities were:

  • Working with outsource developers for Sifteo Cubes and helped them with scheduling and playtesting
  • Playtesting existing games for Sifteo Cubes and making video and text reports for the developers
  • Revising Sifteo SDK
  • Participating in company research projects
  • Organizing Game Jams and company events
  • Assisting Producers in miscellaneous tasks (setting up a Youtube channel for PlayLab, making a list of options for equipment to be purchased by the company, etc.)

I had an incredible experience in Sifteo. Wearing many different hats as a production intern, I have imrpoved my skills significantly, made a great amount of new professional connections, and what is even more important, friends.

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